Meandering Mohawks – activities

The Mohawks have enjoyed, since August, when camping and social gatherings were opening up in Ontario a fairly active year. As a chapter we have camped 3 times and had chapter in person meetings for October and November. To our knowledge all our club members have been double vaccinated.

We finished off 2021 with a wonderful Christmas party arranged by one of our former members Jim Keenleyside and held at his church, Appleby United in Burlington Ontario. The church was permitting in person gatherings for the fully vaccinated and we arranged for Chinese food and desert to be delivered to the church. Each member paid for their meal.

Attending families were also encouraged to donate food supplies (or money) to the churches outreach program.

For the party, we invited former chapter members who no longer camp and all told 15 families enjoyed sharing the fun and fellowship of Christmas.

After the meal we exchanged gifts with a cut-throat process of stealing a desirable gift (already opened by the recipient) up to three times. It was a lot of fun and even involved some strategy and perhaps couple’s team work.

As of this writing (early January 2022). The Ontario government has again shut down activities in response to the rampant spread of the Omicron variant of Covid 19. We hope to resume meetings when we are authorized to do so.

Jack Smye, Member of Meandering Mohawks