Ontario Provincial Association - Family Campers and RVers

About Us

What is OPA?

OPA is the provincial association of the Family Campers and RVers (FCRV) in Ontario. We currently have nine affiliated chapters plus a number of independent members. Most of the camping is done at the chapter level, with the entire provincial membership getting together on the Victoria Day and Labour Day weekends for the Spring and Fall campouts. There is also an annual Retirees Rally in Ontario. To be a member of OPA, a camper must first become a member of FCRV.

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What is FCRV?

Known as the “Friendliest People in the World,” FCRV is a member owned international, non-profit organization dedicated to camping fellowships, the preservation of our international heritage and the strengthening of family bonds through shared activities in the outdoors. We are an organization with activities and programs for youth, teens, adults and retirees.

FCRV Mission

To share with all campers and RVers the FCRV fun, friendship, fellowship and family feelings of camping together and to promote and enhance the experience and enjoyment of recreational family type camping and RVing.

FCRV is an International Organization

FCRV values all members as unique individuals and welcomes and celebrates the variety of experiences,
talents, and gifts each brings to the organization. FCRV is committed to a camping environment where
everyone is afforded the dignity and respect they deserve. No form of harassment or discrimination on
the basis of race, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification, national origin, age,
marital status, covered veteran status, disability, pregnancy, or any other basis prohibited by applicable
law is permitted.

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OPA Chapters

Meandering Mohawks

Ivan & Pat Richardson

Burlington, ON

The Meandering Mohawks Camping Club is the Burlington, Ontario chapter of the Family Campers and RVers (FCRV) and a member of the Ontario Provincial Association (OPA) As family campers, it really doesn’t matter your life style, it doesn’t matter what type of unit you travel in, what matters to the membership is that you have fun, enjoy yourself and enjoy being with family and friends. As a supporting arm of the Ontario Provincial Association (OPA) locally, and the Family Campers & Recreational Vehicles, (FCRV) internationally, we are dedicated to camping fellowships, the preservation of our international heritage, and the strengthening of family bonds through shared activities in the out-of-doors!

Contact for additional information: meanderingmohawks@gmail.com

Brantford Sundowners

Don & Maureen Blenkinsop

Brantford, ON

The Brantford Sun –Downers is a camping chapter of Family Campers and R Vers (FCRV). This is an international organization. We also belong to the Ontario Provincial Association (OPA), an Ontario organization.
We hold two meetings a year, in May and September. We have chapter campouts, each month, from May to October. We also attend other chapter’s campouts, when possible.
The OPA sponsors two larger campouts, twice a year, in May and September. This is hosted by various chapters and is held at a place of the hosting chapter’s choice.
FCRV hosts a much larger campout, called a campvention, each July. The provinces and states are grouped into regions, with each region, taking their turn at hosting.
Getting back to the Brantford Sun-Downers, although most of our members reside, in the Brantford area, it is not mandatory. We have members from Port Dover, Port Burwell and as far away as Barrie.
Our purposes are as follows: 1 – To provide an opportunity for campers and RVers to meet together and share information and fellowship.
2 – To recommend to the proper authorities improvements in camping facilities.
3 – To co-operate with all other organizations which are working towards the conservation of our national resources.
4 – To plan campouts and meetings.
5 – To promote camping and safe travel.
6 – To support conservation and recycling programs.
7 – To maintain our FCRV identity at all times and to offer a friendly welcome to all other FCRV members

Sarnia 4 T’s

Rudy & Sharon Sandau

Corunna, ON

The Sarnia Tent Toters & Trail Trotters (4T’s for short) is a family camping club covering SouthWestern Ontario. Although most of its members are from the Sarnia-Lambton area, we have members from Middlesex and Elgin counties as well. As a chapter of Family Campers & RVers (FCRV) and a member of the Ontario Provincial Association (OPA), we promote family fellowship and fun through camping & social activities in SouthWestern Ontario and Eastern Michigan.

Through FCRV and OPA, scholarships are available for qualified members and their children. As a Chapter project, we promote wildlife protection and environmental conservation through our volunteer activities at a local Boy Scout Camp & Preserve. We generally meet at 7:30 PM on the 2nd Sunday of the month except for July and August.

We offer a special package for new members in which they receive 18 months membership in FCRV for the price of 12 months, and a free membership in the 4T’s chapter for the first year. We’re always pleased to welcome new members regardless of age, lifestyle or type of camping equipment used, so come and join us in our fun activities.

For more information contact: sarnia4ts@gmail.com

Tri-county Travellers

Ben & Linda Vandevyvere

Tillsongurg, ON

The Tri-County Travellers welcome members from Elgin, Oxford & Norfolk counties but
also have members from the cities of London, Cambridge, and Belleville.
They generally meet on the 3 rd Sunday afternoon of each month at 3 pm followed by an optional meal
together in a nearby restaurant.
This active and growing chapter received “Chapter of the Year” for the Province of Ontario in both 2014
and 2018. They were recognized on an International level as “Chapter of the Year” in 2015 & 2019.
The Tri-County Travellers host the popular Fall “Spooky Wooky” Halloween campout, which has
recently been held at the Tavistock Fairgrounds.
The chapter attends FCRV campouts in the U.S.A. and around Ontario as well as impromptu campouts in the region.

For information regarding our chapter & campouts, contact tricountytravellers@gmail.com